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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 050


rugby, Cook for Life, NZ Herald, shiraz, cookery, diet, exercise, La La Land, overweight, temptation, weight loss
rugby, Cook for Life, NZ Herald, shiraz, cookery, diet, exercise, La La Land, overweight, temptation, weight loss

Half way! Technically, I have lost 9Kg so far, because I was actually 95.5Kg when I started & am now 86.5Kg, but I decided to report only whole kilo changes… So my target was 20Kg in 100 days - will I make it? I doubt it, but if I reach 80Kg I'll be more than happy.

Some people think I live in La La Land if I believe I won't simply put the weight back on, as I have done many times in the past. The key difference is that I'm not on a diet. Since a major part of my 100 day challenge was to alter my mindset, perception, taste & desire for what I put in my mouth, I think I'm well on the way to succeeding. There will always be temptations, but I'm hoping that it really will be a case of mind over matter. Generally speaking it takes me quite a long time to mull over issues & make up my mind (years in this case), but when I do, I'm quite persistent. Quite often, it takes a goal, a challenge, a target, like the heart-warming article in the NZ Herald recently about Don Junior Sa'u who always dreamed about being a rugby professional. At 17 years old, his weight stood in his way, so he took part in a Cook for Life course & lost 50Kg in two years…!

On the programme he was taught how to cook nutritious, affordable meals and they developed an eating plan for him, which his mother then adopted for the whole family. Porridge and banana for breakfast, with lots of fruit and chicken breast and veggies for dinner. His advice to anyone thinking about changing their eating habits was "just think about your future". I don't really have a challenge, although I created one for myself by entering into the World Masters Games, so once that is over, just beyond the 100 days, the real challenge will begin. As far as I'm concerned, my new way of eating is my plan for life, not La La Land, so unless I have a hysterical breakdown, I shall continue on this course and will, in time, achieve that targeted 20Kg weight loss.

I have been photographing myself every week & will continue to do so & the visible change in my body is the real prize, the real motivation. The scales are not really the main story, just the headline.

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