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When it is protected & nourished, New Zealand water is some of the purest in the world. Sadly, this is getting harder & harder to find

OK, back to water! There are so many ways this simple, pure substance can help you. Why we don't recognise its worth & protect it everywhere & drink it all the time, I really don't know! I've been reading an article on Ornish.com (US lifestyle medicine site) about how keeping hydrated is very good for your heart & how bad the converse is…

I personally know several people who, in the last year, have had heart problems seemingly out of the blue. Fit, healthy guys who seem to suddenly develop serious conditions. Well ,it's possible that lack of hydration could have been a contributory factor. A bold statement in this article is: "the more water you drink, the less likely you are to develop heart disease". If everything I'm reading on this site is accurate, this could well be true. A minimum of two glasses of water a day should be consumed & preferably a lot more. When your body does not get enough water, your blood gets thicker; your blood clots more easily; the blood vessels constrict; and blood vessels form plaque (for protection) more easily.

A study conducted in Japan in 2005 looked at people who drank two glasses of water a day, compared to those who drank five or more. It found a decreased risk of heart disease in the group that drank more water. Now what I usually do with these 'studies' is take them with a pinch of salt (not so good for your health, by the way!) because they are often easy to criticise & tear down. However, the underlying simplicity of the message speaks to common sense, doesn't it? We have to drink water, we know it is good for us & we know it has no downsides & fabulous life saving properties. So, it stands to reason that if it is that good for us, it must surely help oil the most basic bodily engine - the heart. Now please do not assume that because you are drinking a lot of fluid that may contain water, you are doing it right. You really need pure water without additives and coffee really does not count!

So I choose to believe this research & I hope, no I know, my heart will thank me in a few decades time! This really isn't a difficult one to adopt, so go on, have a glass now!

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