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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 053


the problem with 'diets' is that they never work long-term & you always end up taking the very same steps you took before - groundhog day!
the problem with 'diets' is that they never work long-term & you always end up taking the very same steps you took before - groundhog day!

One question persists as my 100 days ticks on. "What are you going to do when you finish the diet?" Everyone is either confused or disappointed, or equal measures of both, with my answer. "I'm going to carry on, because I'm not on a diet, I'm working out how to eat for the rest of my life."

I have done diets. I have done diets to death. I have dieted very successfully, losing tremendous amounts of weight. I have followed weight watchers, I have calorie counted, I have done the Atkins diet… At the end of each, I am slimmer, happier & healthier. It normally takes between 2 and 4 months to resume normal overweight service. This is because diets do not prepare you for what to do next. Diets do not change your habits, only you can do that. The reason I chose this time to embark on my 100 day lifestyle change is because I was completely mentally prepared, having worked my way around to it for at least 5 years. I kid you not. The trouble is, people think making up your mind is just that, making up your mind. It's not. To make up your mind to the extent that you can change your entire life's habits & make the change stick, you need to play the scenarios in your head, over & over & over, until you know, with absolute certainty you will be able to resist all temptations thrown at you; until you know that you really, really want this. I do.

I could not effect the changes I want with any short-term diet, then move on to something else. This is because the major issue is in my head. Trying to deal with one change of foodstuffs is bad enough, to deal with two - one at the beginning of the 'diet, then one at the end - would put too much stress on the process. So, I made up my mind, I decided what foods I was going to avoid & why & I switched. That's it. I have put a 100 day wrapper around it because I need a target for weight loss, not because day 101 is going to be any different. This is what people find so confusing. They then say, "so you're going to be on a diet for life!" No, I have simply decided to eat well, avoid all processed foods & buy food as close to its natural point of origin as possible. Ask yourself, if I can lose a good amount of weight by eating well, why on earth are there diets to follow? Answer, because people want to make money out of you. If someone other than me, an eminent dietician (or celebrity probably) came out with the ultimate 'diet' plan which simply consisted of eating organic, fresh fruit and vegetables with some simple unpolluted protein (and of course it's a lot more extensive than that otherwise it would be boring!), there would never be a need for another diet fad again & the obesity epidemic would be over.

So, step off the spiral, ignore the fads, turn the volume down on all those get slim quick ads, and just eat good food…

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