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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 054


Surely one of the driving factors about staying in shape & healthy is family, and equally it must be a parent's responsibility to ensure their children start life that way.

I started reading an article in the NZ Herald today. Titled, "Man gets revenge on bullies by losing half his body weight". Not one I would normally get pulled into, but I started watching the accompanying video and after skimming through it, I happened upon a section where his mother was saying that obesity should be regarded just like any childhood illness or disease & it got me thinking.

This guy, Andy, weighed nearly 150Kg & his size started ballooning from an early age. His parents took the attitude that they came from 'solid stock' and so it was simply normal & expected. His father was brought up on 'biscuits and gravy' and was delighted when his son loved that as well, so encouraged him to have more. They were patently blind to the impact his weight was having on his life & saw nothing really wrong with the fact that he was always the largest child in his class. In fact, he was so embarrassed about his weight that he would arrive early so he could sit at the back & no-one could watch him walk into class. His parents simply thought he was diligent! When he gave up his baseball, they started to get a bit of an inkling…

Most of us have a problem with weight at some point, but the real issue is how many of us are becoming obese. It really is a modern epidemic. And it must surely start in childhood? I'm not quoting any scientific studies, I'm speculating, hopefully reasonably intelligently! Certainly my problems started or were nurtured very young. I was always stuffing my face with anything sweet & sickly I could get my hands on. And my hands were very good at getting hold of stuff. I think I just naturally have a sweet tooth, but I was never taught to manage or control it. Now, good nutrition was not exactly topic of the day back then, so I can't really blame my parents, but if my kids have bad eating habits, then it's got to be my fault, hasn't it? They certainly can't know any better if they are not taught.

So there are several direct reasons to lose weight, get fit & stay healthy. For yourself, of course, but also to set a good example for your kids, because no matter how often we tell them to "do what I say, not what I do", they all learn by example, don't they?

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