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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 055


Nicky Crocker of Clear Energy Homes at the launch of her latest book, "What if it was that easy?", available from Amazon.
Nicky Crocker of Clear Energy Homes at the launch of her latest book, "What if it was that easy?", available from Amazon.

Nicky Crocker is a geomancer. Not a weight-loss guru, a geomancer. She reads the magnetic lines that criss-cross the globe & pinpoints where they lie & where they intersect. Nothing to do with losing weight, but everything to do with keeping healthy. She has helped countless people simply by advising them to move from where they are sleeping or sitting for long periods.

Nicky is a friend & a fellow member of our local business group - B2B Network - who introduced me to geopathic stress a couple of years ago. By the way, as an aside, if you are local to the North Shore & want to meet every fortnight with a group of friendly, interesting & diverse business people (free), just let me know or check on the Group's website. What Nicky says makes absolute sense, even if you have to shelve that innate sense of scepticism you may have (and I did) reserved for all those things in the 'magic and wizardry' category of life. I wrote a blog on her which you can read here, together with a video introducing herself. It is more than evident, looking at Nicky's work, that it is not just diet and exercise that are the keys to remaining healthy. There are some forces that are simply not that apparent. Nicky can cite examples of quite serious illnesses and afflictions that have been exacerbated, if not caused, by the power of geopathic stress. But, I suspect it is the more minor problems that might always go undiagnosed because they never become serious enough or warrant 'drastic' action and my guess is there are a huge number of them. Problems sleeping, irritability, headaches, depression, lack of appetite. You can see an exhaustive list of potential symptoms on Nicky's website.

Your immediate environment (work and home) are also critical in helping you keep at your optimum best, ensuring great quality of life. There are so many ways an environment can drag you down. You'd be amazed what a professionally designed space can do for you. I trained as an architect in the UK & I have nothing but sadness in my heart whenever I drive down most new New Zealand residential streets. Houses being chucked up with absolutely no professional design consideration, which will ultimately contribute absolutely nothing to elevate people's lives. Oh how people underestimate the contribution of design in their lives & usually always live to regret it. The argument for architecturally designed homes is a government level one, but you can bring in a professional interior designer! I heartily recommend Catherine Byrne of Byrne Design, a rising star in Auckland who really can transform the way you live, if you let her! And if you don't want to go that far, the least you can do is ensure your home is spotlessly clean. In our group we have a professional housekeeper, Rachael, aka The Housekeeper, who will come & do whatever needs doing, regularly. So your home is healthier & you have more leisure time to enjoy your health!

It really is fascinating if you take your day-to-day life apart, how we fall into (usually not great) habits, both from a culinary perspective and from a living angle. There are things that can be done to improve your mental as well as physical health and I'd recommend you to look at them all. We only have one life, so why not make it the very best it could be?

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