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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 056


This cockerel lives in a vineyard, free to roam wherever he pleases. I must remember not to preen myself quite as much as him!
This cockerel lives in a vineyard, free to roam wherever he pleases. I must remember not to preen myself quite as much as him!

Oops! I went up a Kg! Not sure how or why as I haven't done anything different. Maybe it's my body muscle getting heavier? Well, I can dream. I have been preening myself recently, so this was an overdue warning about how I cannot lose focus. I can't really explain the gain as I haven't been slipping, so I'll just have to monitor it over the next week and see. I might slip a bit tonight though, as I'm going to the movies!

So if you maintain the same reasonable diet and do the same amount of exercise as usual, why would you put on weight? I've been fluctuating mildly ever since I started, but this is the first time I've moved up a whole Kg. Well, muscle does weigh more than fat & they do say that your weight is not the most important measure, how you look and feel is. I am photographing myself every week & I have to say the difference today from a week ago is visually very striking. I am seeing a slowdown in the change of my body shape as well, though, so I suspect my body is adjusting to my new regime. That means I need to shake it up a bit. I think eating less, semi-fasting, might just make it more protectionist of the fat stores it has, and I can't really do very much more exercise than I do, so I guess the only alternative is to adjust my diet a bit. Try a few new things & vary it a bit.

Having spent ages trying to refine what there is that is both good for me & that I like to eat, trying to re-invent that might prove a difficult challenge, but I will try. Maybe instead of the fish, ham & eggs that I generally get my protein from, I should eat more meat & nuts? Not sure, but I will need to alter it around, I think. I am getting better at trying out new things, so if anyone has any suggestions of great foods that I might like, do let me know what they are. I probably can't do much more exercise, but I can mix it up as well. I played 18 holes of golf today; I play rarely nowadays but am always exhausted at the end & it does test out muscles I'd forgotten I have. So, I have to continue with badminton as my core form of exercise, but I think I'll adjust the extras a bit.

So, a cock-a-doodle-doo wakeup call today. Can't get complacent, got to keep focused & got to find new ways to trick the body into thinking it has to burn fat!

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