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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 057


Shedding a bit of light on the role of exercise in having a healthy diet is important.
Shedding a bit of light on the role of exercise in having a healthy diet is important.

The key question is whether you can eat what you like if you do enough exercise? I've been trying to do this for years, but for some reason it has never worked. I always thought that if I simply did more & more exercise, I would keep the weight off. Sorry folks, it simply doesn't happen!

The bottom line is, you can never out-exercise your mouth. I'm not a great believer in BMIs or calorie measures or things like that, but I'll use calories simply to illustrate how ridiculous it is to think you can exercise your way out of obesity. (And I blanked the truth of this for years!) It takes time to burn calories. Watch this video. Say an average chocolate bar contains 200 calories. It will take you over 1 hour of walking to burn that off. Or how about 30 minutes of serious running to burn off two cans of coke. Recent studies of children found definitively that their level of exercise was in no way related to their weight. Studies comparing industrialised & developing countries found that the level of activity was fairly comparable between the two, making diet the only real culprit for the obesity epidemic. Of course, it's much, much easier to simply say no to the bar of chocolate, which you don't need, because then you don't have to burn it off…

Exercise will help you lead a longer, happier life, but it simply won't help you lose weight. Exercise has been proven to be as effective as (or more than) many drug treatments for common health problems like diabetes, heart disease and depression, to name but a few, so it is definitely crucial in leading a healthy life, it just won't help you make it a skinny one! There are not enough hours in the day to burn off all the calories you can eat on an unhealthy diet, so simply stop eating the calories in the first place! I don't advocate a calorie counting diet specifically, but I do advocate being much more aware of the bad things & simply avoiding them. So what was that term I coined a while ago to describe the type of diet I was moving to? Oh yes, 'Fresher'. Become a 'Fresher' like me & it won't matter if you are not doing massive amounts of exercise or not, the excess weight will start to melt…

Illuminating eh? Who would have thought that losing weight was as simple as not putting as much fat-generating food in your mouth!

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