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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 059


Can you imagine many more beautiful spots, without travelling by jet? The Boat Shed Café in Nelson. Simple, relaxed & why aren't there more ameneties like this on the water in NZ?!?

I don't know about you, but summer for me makes it generally easier to resist temptations, food-wise, as the whole warm feeling, with possibly the hint of a cool breeze, pushes me towards iced water, if anything. I do believe the weather, and particularly the light & temperature, have a direct effect on our mental state, which in turn affects how strong we are in adjusting our lifelong habits.

The sun. The lifegiver. Warm weather, bright light, blue sky, there is nothing much better to raise the spirits. It is easier to concentrate, easier to focus, thoughts are clearer, goals are more attainable. If I was to attempt this 100 day challenge in mid-winter, I really don't think I'd make it; and I'm not sure why. The environment I'm in, my studio, doesn't really change. I can heat it if it gets too cold & cool it if it gets too hot. But somehow there is nothing quite like opening the doors & windows & letting the fresh air in. I'm so much more productive & energetic in summer, so maybe that also helps in burning off the fat! Don't you wake up in a more positive frame of mind (generally) in summer? I do. With a challenge like this that is so much more mental than physical, the weather is on my side. I'm on Day 59 & I haven't been seriously tempted by any sweet thing yet. I'm hoping I'm already past the pain threshold, but I can't relax until I've been massively tempted (and succeeded in resisting) at least once. I'll keep you posted.

How do you increase your mental strength to get through life changing journeys like this one? I find it is a mixture of tunnel vision and compartmentalisation. Whenever I think my mind is moving towards trying to persuade me to stray from the path, I force it to focus specifically on an image of me, much lighter, stronger, fitter, healthier and, as it happens, this image of me is always in the sunshine! Once I'm a bit more focused, I can then allow my mind to move between several different compartments, each containing a (true) scenario. This first one is a healthy me that is now, more & more how I am feeling. In another one, I am fat, tired, bloated, munching on giant bags of maltesers, loving the chocolate but feeling decidedly uncomfortable. I don't suppress the love of the chocolate, because I've found that as soon as I lie to myself, the scenario is destroyed. I focus more on the reality of not feeling great. A third one is me playing badminton and as the late, great Muhammed Ali said, 'flying like a butterfly & stinging like a bee'. Playing is so much more pleasurable when I'm not carrying around 4 or 5 bags of sugar of excess weight!

If only there were more spots like the Boat Shed Café to hang out in Summer. There's something about being on / over the water that is so relaxing & at the same time stimulating. My best ideas are usually created in environments like this. Mind you, they wouldn't make much money out of me, on my current quest…

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