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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 062


All the individual elements are identical & made & displayed identically. There is just a small (colour) element that distinguishes these lipsticks. The same, but different.

We are all the same aren't we? We are all one species. There is so much in the news about the 'T' man & the bigoted views he spouts, that it would be easy to think that the human race has diversified into multiple species, each vying for supremacy (or possibly craving isolation). But we really are built from identical elements, with simply a few variations for appearance. Cultural history & norms and language all contribute to making us appear different, but strip those away & we are one.

The French phrase captures it perfectly. "Vive la difference!" Celebrate all the differences we have because the similarities are too many & we would not enjoy being a species of identical robots, would we? How many people have you met that try & change the way other people think to their way? Listening & understanding a different viewpoint, or looking properly & trying to understand a visual presentation from the point of view of the presenter. These are the skills we should be encouraging in our children. Listen, Look, analyse, understand, query, discuss, conclude, present. In that order. Entirely the opposite to argue, bully, harass, argue more, browbeat, shout down… In which world would you prefer to live? Of course weight is not a major factor in international relations, but it is in individual societies. Weight is one of the most obvious visual factors we take note of when we meet someone, especially for the first time. How we react is usually conditioned by our upbringing and how our society views weight as presented in the media. Plus, of course we are influenced strongly by our friends & immediate social circle.

Where does negativity start? How do we break the cycle? How do we breed a generation of people who accept & embrace differences; who encourage diversity & reject boundaries & borders? First, I think we have to like ourselves & be confident that who we are happiest being is who we must be, irrespective of whether that is a 'popular' position or not. I don't actually believe that we are heavily influenced by the media, I think we get the media we deserve. If we stopped being interested in which celebrity tripped, then so would the media. So if we stop making any issue about who is carrying 'extra' pounds & who isn't, the issue would go. I do believe, because that is why I'm on my 100 day quest, that too much weight is unhealthy, but I also believe that there is so much debate & disagreement over how much is too much, that it has to be a personal choice for each individual.

Let people be. Let them be the people they really are. Let them be themselves unencumbered by your opinion. Let them be able to make the best choices for themselves. Let them be. After all, we are all fundamentally the same, just beautifully different, aren't we?

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