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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 063


Mairangi Bay beach with Rangitoto rising from its night bed of mist.
Mairangi Bay beach with Rangitoto rising from its night bed of mist.

Most mornings I walk Mairangi Bay beach & along the coastal pathway linking it to Campbells Bay. If the friend I walk with has his dog, then she accompanies us. Why walk? It gets me out of bed at a good hour is the primary reason. It stretches my limbs aching from a good workout on the badminton court the night before, for two. I enjoy the companionship, thirdly. And it makes my body & soul feel alive to see this sight at the start of a new day.

Of course, it's not always as fabulous as this every morning. A bit like watching what you eat. Everything can't be easy & perfect all the time. Winter does come, but even in winter there can be many great days! Most mornings we declare how lucky we are at living in such a fantastic part of the world. Most days I can resist temptation & the day passes without incident. Some days are just difficult. Today was difficult. Weather was great, morning walk was great, coffee & company were fabulous; it was just that I woke at the crack of dawn with my stomach feeling the effects of something I ate that was obviously not quite right. I threw the ham away. Feeling under the weather added that little bit of strain to my mental effort, which meant I actually craved comfort food. I wasn't specifically hungry, I just wanted to feel better & comfort food has traditionally been what I've turned to.

I was good, I was strong. I resisted. Well, I ate a few more apples than normal & an extra banana, but I confidently count that as a resistance day! I am going to have to think of what to replace my normal comfort foods with for next time, assuming I'm feeling back to full strength tomorrow. Hot chocolate, cereal, sweets, toast & marmalade, rice pudding… all banned forever. I suppose I could look at porridge? Trouble is, I associate porridge with lots of milk & a ton of brown sugar! Sushi? Not exactly something you can keep in the larder. Is there such a thing as comfort food in the world of healthy eating, or is it by definition unhealthy as well as comfort? Ideas, anyone?

The final reason I walk in the morning is that it is a good substitute for breakfast. Exercise always makes me think less about & desire less food, so a good brisk walk, followed by a soy flat white is a great way to start the day!

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