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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 066


2010 "Ass Kisser" Shiraz: some great Australian (sorry!) wine following in the wonderful modern tradition of cool labels that have absolutely nothing to do with the content! (thanks, Al...)

Milestone passed! 10Kg lost as of this morning. So half my weight target in exactly 2/3 of the stated time. This means, of course, that I won't achieve a 20Kg loss without doing something different & possibly a bit drastic. Am I going to do that? No. Am I worried about not hitting my original target? No. Am I feeling gooooooodd? Yeeeessss!!

So all of you nay-sayers & doubting toms, you know what you can become now - just look at the picture! It's amazing how much pleasure the minute movement of a bar on a scale can generate & how it can affect your viewpoint. Yesterday, I was feeling empty. Today, I'm feeling 'healthily light'. Same feeling, different perspective! Now, in the past, I would celebrate by treating myself to a carrot cake or bag of maltesers or some such 'delicious' treat; today, I'm celebrating by enjoying the feeling & having an extra helping of red grapes… That's because I know the real challenge lies ahead. I've always been able to lose weight when I needed to, because that requires will power & stamina short-term, which I have. But, I've never been able to sustain it, gradually piling on the pounds afterwards. Now is different & I know it.

I was talking about this with a friend this morning & managed to articulate succinctly what I've tried to write about before. Losing weight & maintaining it is a mental challenge because everything you do is a mind game. For example, when you reach for that chocolate bar, the mind switches off so you can't properly analyse the fact that you will get 3 minutes pleasure from the bar, but it will take you more than an hour and a half exercise to get rid of it from your body. Now who in their right mind would line up that kind of payback, and probably multiple times because sugar is so addictive? I used to. Go figure! Of course, the other thing the mind closes down to is accepting you are an addict. Like all addictions, it controls your conscious thought because if it didn't, you'd kick the habit immediately. How insidious is that?

Mind control. It's not just for the X-men. Wrestle your mind back from your alter ego because it really doesn't know what's best for your body. I have. And for those of you still thinking that I'll never sustain this, you can just kiss my very tasty 2010 Australian Shiraz!

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