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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 069

Updated: Nov 11, 2018


Hundertwasser public toilets in Kawakawa, Northland. A popular tourist attraction as well as a convenient stopping point on a road trip north.
Hundertwasser public toilets in Kawakawa, Northland. A popular tourist attraction as well as a convenient stopping point on a road trip north.

If you are driving up to the Bay of Islands, or even further, at the junction where you'd turn off to Russell is a small town called Kawakawa. It is best known for its public toilets. They were decorated (entirely) by an Austrian artist / designer, Hundertwasser, and are such a good example of the long-lasting interest you can create with art in a public space. A bit like (albeit more temporary) Fearless Girl, the new statue on Wall St.

It is the artistic / alternative lifestyle / hippy / spiritual communities that have for years been showing the way in terms of how to eat & how to live. Many people look down on those not so concerned with material goods, and more interested in the ecology of our planet & the wellbeing of our bodies and the spiritual harmony of our souls, but they really shouldn't. This life is not about how much wealth you can accumulate (and leave behind), it is how you can live well and in harmony with your environment & fellow man. Imagine this planet without creativity, without art, without design - well, I don't really have to imagine having visited East Germany before the wall came down. In a word, or two: soul-destroying. The same souls whose wild & creative spark lights up our lives also understand balance and harmony inside the body. How many burger-munching, soda-swilling artists do you know? Ok, maybe one or two, but don't get carried away. Sensitive souls are usually sensitive to most things, including health.

Directly opposite the Kawakawa toilets is a café, that used to be called the Trainspotter Café, but has now been rebranded '39 Gillies St Café & Boutique Catering', so what I'm about to say may have been swept away in the sale. Anyway, it was simple, honest food without anything processed or 'fast'. It went well with the toilets & I have spent many a breakfast occasion there on trips. When you remove the veneer & polish of 'modern' living, life becomes so much more immediate & real. This applies to everything, including food & even toilets! Thinking about what you are putting into your mouth takes you so much closer to the real cycle of life, as does artistic expression. The current 'debate' about food labelling in New Zealand is a joke. I don't want to eat anything if I don't know where it came from & just as importantly, what's in it. For example, beef. How the cow was fed & the environment it was in & how it was treated will dramatically affect what the beef actually consists of & therefore how it will affect my body. The current debate is just scratching the surface.

So the link between art, architecture & good food? Awareness. Being truly aware of your environment & your body will lead you down different paths - real paths. Be aware. Be alive. Be happy.

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