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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 072

Updated: Nov 11, 2018


the Coastguard practising marine rescue with Air Force support. Teamwork.
the Coastguard practising marine rescue with Air Force support. Teamwork.

There's something inspiring about a collaboration. Teamwork can be so productive as you work together, egg each other on & support each other in bad times as well as good. Doing anything alone is always harder than doing it with someone else, so find a supportive partner & it will become much easier.

As well as people, it is important to find your partner foods. Those that will support you in your quest to lose excess weight. My approach was to find foods that I enjoyed that were not unhealthy, rather than to concentrate only on foods that were deemed healthy. This was because I have taken the latter approach before, often struggling to eat things that were undoubtedly good for me, but were difficult for me to stomach. I honestly can't imagine why it would pay to go on a diet eating foods that are good for you if there is no way you can continue with them long-term. So, I took the likeability approach & have not looked back. I have not eaten anything (apart from taste tests) that I would not be happy to continue eating. Losing weight has never been more satisfying!

But it is also important to focus occasionally on cleansing your body of toxins, regulating your metabolism & giving major organs the occasional WOF. This can sometimes involve ingesting foods or ingredients that deviate from this likeability chart. My solution to this problem? The smoothie. Include all the ingredients you need, add a banana & some almond milk & suddenly everything gets added to the chart. There is a good article in Mindfood about natural detox foods that help the liver to function at peak efficiency. Things like Chlorophyll (in Kale, spinach, parsley), Betaine (in broccoli and beetroot), Sulphur, Turmeric, Garlic… You get the picture. Simply add what you need to a smoothie & you don't have to worry about taste testing. My least favourite are things like beetroot & artichoke, so I'm glad there are ways I can get past them.

So find those partner foods you are happy to co-exist with long-term (that are not sugar-filled or processed), use smoothies to cover the taste of those healthy things you can't stand and you're set for some great teamwork going forward.

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