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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 073


The sun setting over Kai Iwi Lakes. When you are in a place like this, it's easy to adapt to nature's natural cycles of sleep & wake with the sun rise.
The sun setting over Kai Iwi Lakes. When you are in a place like this, it's easy to adapt to nature's natural cycles of sleep & wake with the sun rise.

You can imagine how irresistible the article was, headlined: "How to diet in your sleep" even though it was accompanied by a healthy degree of scepticism. And yes, the headline was there to draw you in & the promise was never fulfilled, but the article in the UK's Daily Mail (never my favourite rag!) was actually full of common sense advice.

As I near three quarters of my way through my 100 day challenge & I appear to have stalled, I'll read anything that promises snippets of new key information to get more weight off. The key message in this article, apart from healthy eating appears to be fasting. The author, Dr Jason Fong, is a great fan of this "missing link" in diet control. Essentially, long-term weight gain (like mine) induces a condition called 'insulin resistance' which occurs when high-sugar diets crash into stressful modern lives & you end up with far too much insulin in your system & your cells no longer react properly to instructions. Dr Fong reckons that if you're stubbornly overweight there is every chance you've got insulin resistance and your insulin levels are stuck on a fat-storing high, no matter how much kale you eat! The only way to break the cycle is to allow your insulin levels to drop very low & the only way to do that is to completely abstain from food & get a good long sleep, regularly.

So when the sun starts setting, no matter where you are, stop eating & get ready for bed! Sleep long & well & you'll be fasting for over half the day before you know it. Of course, the cycle starts again if you wake up & do what you've been told to do - eat the 'most important meal of the day'. Trouble is, this advice was perfect when breakfast foods were not sugary snacks but real food like porridge & oats. If you want to lose weight, eschew the fast breakfast food & choose eggs or plain natural yoghurt. Avoid anything instant as it will inevitably be heavily processed - which means it will be high in sugar & have no nutritional value. However, if choosing eggs, choose them carefully. With the recent caged hen eggs being passed off as free range, it's difficult to know. The shells will be slightly thicker, they will be less uniform & if (a big if since what the chickens are fed is not part of the free range specification!) the chickens are corn fed, the yolks will be big, thick and very yellow. Oh yes, and tasty! Finding really good free range, natural foods is a joy & you'll never go back!

So not so much of the dieting in your sleep, just the don't eat for a while before bed & sleep well… I think we should start to take note of the sun's setting & rising to regulate our sleep because it must be much better for us than our artificial, digitally controlled body clocks. Says he, writing at ten minutes to midnight…!

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