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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 074


"Come on, you're supposed to be doing sit ups!" 'Why? I think planking is much more effective. Turn me over, will you?'
"Come on, you're supposed to be doing sit ups!" 'Why? I think planking is much more effective. Turn me over, will you?'

Apparently sit ups will not give you a flat stomach! Thank goodness for that, because I hate sit ups! I have spent many an hour in the gymn over the years & sit ups in different guises have always played a part. Only recently has planking come to the fore & I actually quite enjoy the simple challenge of staying up… the masochist in me, probably.

According to 'celebrity trainer' Nicola Addison, writing in the Daily Mail, you first have to build muscle. And to do that, you have to learn to love weights. Most calories are burnt in the muscles (specifically the mitochondria). The greater the mass of muscle that is active, the more calories you will burn, not only in a workout, but throughout the day because you've helped boost your metabolic rate. That also means compound workouts so you must incorporate exercises that challenge numerous muscle groups & multiple joints. Doing regular planks will help compress the abdomen & flatten your stomach. So for me, translated into my studio, that means that my planking is fine, but the only weight bearing exercises I do are really for my arms as I hoist myself up to a bar hangiong from the ceiling, using my own body as the weight. So should I be looking to do more weight bearing exercises when my legs don't need it, just my abdomen? Not sure…

In her final section, Nicola then switches to the real issue by saying that "sadly, abs are made in the kitchen. You simply cannot out train a bad diet, no matter how much work you do." This was the conclusion I had to arrive at & believe before I started my journey. Until recently I always believed (or hoped) that I could train out my bulging stomach. Sadly, no. The only dietary advice she offers is the crucial stuff - cut down on refined sugar and carbohydrates, remove processed food, salt, saturated & trans fat from your diet, up your protein intake & you might see that one, two, three pack emerge like a butterfly from a chrysalis. Ok, so that last poetic part was me, not her!

The message is clear. To get a six pack you have to eat the right foods, avoid the bad ones & do some regular simple exercise. Simple stuff a baby could understand, right?

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