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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 075

WEIGHTLINE (on tour) 075: TBC on day 80

One of the joys of Melbourne is that it is a very cosmopolitan city, so this Italian restaurant, huddled in an alleyway, was a joy & the food was superb!

What to do? I'm in Melbourne for a few days, taking a break & seeing Adele singing to a packed stadium on Saturday. But that means I have no access to a reliable set of scales. How many hotels, let alone the central but definitely budget establishment we've landed in, do you know that have weighing scales in the bathroom? So, a brief hiatus on the weight…

It will be interesting to see how I cope, on holiday, with no kitchen, surrounded by temptation in the form of beautiful cuisine everywhere. Oh how easy it would be to slip into old habits. Tonight, I ate until I was fit to burst. Not that we had that much, but the portions were good & it was so delicious we really couldn't leave anything. I had a carne pizza on a thin base & my wife had lamb kebabs with a Greek salad & tzatziki. She couldn't manage it all, so I had a kebab and a half of lamb that just melted in your mouth, as well as my pizza. I haven't had that much meat in a long, long time! To cap it all, we were eating at almost midnight NZ time, having been delayed travelling over.

We didn't eat anything particularly fattening, just a lot! I'm already missing fruit, though. Amazing how difficult it is to get something simple like an apple. Provision shopping tomorrow for fruit for the next few days. I am going to have to develop a travel strategy & prepare more things to carry with me to keep me going through unusually long & awkward break times. However, for the next 4/5 days I'm really not going to worry about it, but eat well but generally sensibly.

I'm prepared to put on a kilo or so, but also hoping I won't. I shall know next Tuesday morning once I'm back on my normal scales - can't wait!


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