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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 076

WEIGHTLINE (on tour) 076: TBC on day 80

This is how I feel if I drink too much! Not quite sure who this fella is, but he was on the wall of the sculpture hall at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne

The next challenge I have while on holiday is alcohol. I normally drink hardly anything - just the occasional glass of wine. But so far today I've had a beer, shared a jug of sangria & I'm now onto apple cider…

There were some exhibits at the National Gallery of Victoria where I felt I should have had a reasonable amount to drink in order to understand them! But I do like the galleries in Australia. My favourite so far is actually the one in Brisbane, but Melbourne was interesting. They are very accessible, cameras welcome & the buildings are well designed specifically as galleries. Today we walked a long way, meandering through the extensive park spaces, ending up in the massive Botanical Gardens. I needed a drink after that!

The choice of where to rest up, have a coffe or a drink, a snack or a meal, is extensive in Melbourne. We are staying in a very central hotel, so we don't even have to make use of the free trams in the central city. Although we'd walked so far, we did take a tram back the last two blocks. Hopefully the walking will have counteracted the amount of food (& drink) we've consumed so far!

The age old question. How much exercise do you have to do to work off excess consumption. I already know the answer, unfortunately. A great deal, probably too much to be physically possible…

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