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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 077

WEIGHTLINE (on tour) 077: TBC on day 80

Sitting outside a bar/restaurant complex in St Kilda's, a beachside suburb to the south of Melbourne CBD. Gillian & Marc Schattner, a husband and wife team created these signature pieces.

We all put on different heads in different circumstances. Usually work & leisure, but it can be with friends or family or acquaintances. People see what we want them to see, usually. The Australian sculptors who created these characters summed up 'people' beautifully.

One thing I really love about Melbourne is the public art. Usually quirky, often stunning, always large, it creates intrigue, beauty & discussion. Walking around today, I came across several great pieces, but I was particularly taken by the Dogman & Rabbitgirl sculptures. I have seen them before, in ceramic form in a gallery in Noosa, but they are particularly striking in bronze. Also, particularly relevant to my current quest to change my lifestyle diet. Am I merely putting on a different, but possibly temporary face, or have I changed my persona completely? I can't answer that, yet, but I think seeing these pieces triggered my conscience after devouring a gorgeous but rather large lasagne. If you are in Melbourne, I can't recommend Café Andiamo in Laneways enough.

However, I'm putting all dietary thoughts out of my head, because I'm about to go & see Adele perform. Melbourne is abuzz & the Etihad stadium in the Docklands is the perfect place. The weather has come to the party as it is the perfect evening too. I promise not to eat anything more than an apple or a banana before tomorrow! Adele is probably a good example of someone who doesn't have different faces. She wears her heart on her sleeve & she appears to be exactly the same person wherever she is, whatever she is doing. I (and probably quite a few million other people) love her for it.

So when you decide to gin on that next 'diet', ask yourself whether the diet is you & will continue to be, or is it just a mask you are pulling on to hide your real self?

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