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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 078

WEIGHTLINE (on tour) 078: TBC on day 80

A ballerina poses in front of graffiti at the Flanders Lane end of Hosier Lane, which is renowned for its end to end wall art!
A ballerina poses in front of graffiti at the Flanders Lane end of Hosier Lane, which is renowned for its end to end wall art!

OK, so today I can't talk much about food, because I've eaten too much & that's about all there is to it. Last night I saw a fabulous performance in a fantastic stadium from one of the all time great female vocalists, Adele. So my choice was to put a picture of the most enormous lemon meringue pies I've ever seen (that I nearly finished!) or one of the Adele concert… Well, neither!

Melbourne is an intriguing city, full of contradictions but growing & emerging as a great place to visit, perhaps to live? Walking around the CBD, you come across alleyways, like Hosier Lane that are full of graffiti, with deep doorways displaying evidence of drinking if nothing else. Yet, at the end, you emerge on to stunning wide boulevards, flanked by swish department stores & global brands with a regular & efficient free tram system running through. With pleasant cafes & restaurants of many hues dotted around the city, and concentrated dining areas such as those in Laneways, you are never far from your next coffee or meal (unfortunately for me!). Of course bars as well. Knocking back some Charlie Chaplins in Chin Chin's on Flanders Lane this lunchtime set us up for a great nap in the park this afternoon!

We took a direct tram ride from outside our hotel to the Etihad stadium last night (although we needn't have bothered, as we walked back at the end in 30 minutes from our seats to the hotel). It was a beautiful, calm, balmy evening with absolutely no need for the retractable roof to close! Adele was down-to-earth, stunning, funny, captivating, charming & what a voice! You don't realise how good she really is until you've heard her live. No electronic magic to cover up any weaknesses; just a glorious pair of pipes! Can you tell I'm a fan? The atmosphere was relaxed, excited & everyone loved her - you could just feel it. Our seats (pot luck as we didn't choose them directly) were fantastic - slightly elevated (about stage height) with great visibility & very comfortable!

What a long weekend in Melbourne. We fly back tonight. This image simply summed up Melbourne for me - the arts and grunge co-existing happily. We'll be back…

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