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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 079

WEIGHTLINE (on tour) 079: TBC on day 80

At this great little Italian bistro we went to a couple of times, the Lemon Meringue Pie was to die for!
At this great little Italian bistro we went to a couple of times, the Lemon Meringue Pie was to die for!

We arrived back from Melbourne at 5am this morning, snatched a few hours sleep, then got on with the day. Good to be back, shame it was such short trip, but oh so worth it to see Adele in such a great venue. So my sugar free diet took a massive hit while we were away. When you are travelling, sugar gets thrown at you from everywhere!

For our last meal in Melbourne, we returned to a little Italian bistro we had been to before. Honestly, one of the main reasons was that we were slowly boiling from the inside out walking along the South Bank in 30-plus degree heat, so the prospect of a friendly little place down a shadowed alley was immensely appealing. How do people live in such extremes? And I'm sure it wasn't actually that hot for Australia. I couldn't resist a pudding this time, knowing it was going to be my last time there, but I could not have expected the mammoth portion of pie that was presented. OK, two forks & plates were delivered as well, but my wife hadn't ordered anything & wasn't going to eat much anyway. It was delicious & I was actually quite proud of myself because unlike what I would have done in the past - eat everything no matter how full I felt - I actually left a fair sized chunk!

We shall see if my tactic of not depriving myself completely paid off or absolutely backfired when I get back on the scales tomorrow morning. I decided that since I was on holiday, I was entitled to a couple of small treats. A dangerous tactic when still in the early stages of a life changing dietary plan. But the temptations are never going to go away. I shall have to deal with them all & still stay on track, which of course is the essence of the whole endeavour. I walked through the whole of Melbourne airport, past probably about 12 opportunities to buy candy, which I would always have done in the past, and reached the plane with only some pieces of fruit in my bag. Yes! Then of course they handed out a goody bag on the plane including a couple of small M&M packets. No! Oh well, can't be too bad, surely?

So today I've been good, back to the old new routine & I even played badminton tonight. So tomorrow I'm back on the scales… I'll just hold my breath & cross my fingers… and my legs… and my toes…

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