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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 080


Laurent boulangerie / patisserie in Little Collins Street - authentically French & serves the most divine anti-diet sweets & pastries!

Woohoo! I survived 5 days on holiday without putting on a single kilo! Well, if truth be told, I weighed myself when I got back to NZ yesterday morning & I was a bit more than a kilo over, but as I'd established day 80 to recommence weighing & that gave me a day of abstaining plus a badminton evening, I'll take it as a success…

Melbourne is a city of many things, and food is one of them. Down the alleyway from our hotel was this gorgeous French establishment (Laurent boulangerie), obviously a lunchtime favourite with locals. How anyone can keep a decent waistline with this place on their doorstep, I don't know. One thing I have learned, and it was a pleasant lesson, is that it's ok to have an occasional treat as long as you keep excesses in check & then ensure you at least go back to good eating, or ideally a bit of fasting. Variety is the spice of life, isn't that it? As well as food, and the fabulous tram network, Melbourne is, unexpectedly for me, the city of street musicians. They were all over the place & most of the performances were excellent. They create an outdoor festival atmosphere in the centre of the elegant shopping areas.

There are also the oddities. The stationery clay men who only move occasionally, the 'modern' digeridoo player, the mime artist, and the sculptures. But they weave into the rich tapestry of street life. I intend to put together a short video of our trip to Melbourne to see Adele in the next month, so hopefully you'll soon be able to see some of which I speak. Already the warnings have been issued in Auckland to expect severe travel delays around her concerts at Mt Smart… And there will be 20,000 fewer people than there were in Melbourne. So glad we made the trip! So now there is no more lemon meringue pie for me & reduced portions again, because I have to return to 'normal' and keep my cravings under control - much easier in Auckland, strangely.

So I only have 20 days to go & I'm only just over half way along on my target weight loss. Well, what will be will be. I am feeling so much healthier, but having watched a video of myself playing badminton with some youngsters & seeing I still look like a heffalump gallumping (technical terms) around the court, I think I have to press on!

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