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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 083


Vicki Copeland (NZ) smashes during training. I don't know if she can break 300 km/h but it wouldn't surprise me!
Vicki Copeland (NZ) smashes during training. I don't know if she can break 300 km/h but it wouldn't surprise me!

They say timing is everything. Well, it certainly is in a sport like badminton. I was having a debate today & I wasn't believed when I said that badminton was one of the fastest sports in the world (when it comes to shuttle speed). Of course, Mr Google had to be consulted & even I was blown away! The fastest shuttle speed ever recorded from a smash is, wait for it… 493 km/h!! This was from Malaysia's Tan Boon Hoeng while testing a new racquet. The fastest recorded hit during a competition belongs to China's Fu Haifeng at 332 Km/h. No wonder I keep missing some smashes!

There are some people who think badminton is a bit of a prissy sport. A second cousin to tennis. Come & watch some at the World Masters Games next month & you might be surprised (if you can actually follow the shuttle!). Timing is critical in sport (& photographing sport) & apparently in your eating habits as well. Good old Dr Oz has some sage tips for when you should eat as the times have an impact on how your metabolism copes. His first tip had me smiling as he says you should eat breakfast 12 hours after you've had dinner, because your body needs a break to function efficiently. Well, I normally eat breakfast about 14-15 hours after my dinner, but as I quite often don't eat dinner until about 10pm, that means 1pm is my breakfast time. Not quite what he had in mind, I'm sure. It's my badminton that's to blame. I'm so often playing in the evening & I can't eat before I play as I then wouldn't be able to move! Oh well, I think it works for me.

Lunch time is when you should the largest portion of your total calorie intake (that's such a dietician's phrase!), while your body is most active & has the best chance of burning it off. So my breakfast is at most people's lunchtime, but I do have quite a number of eggs… Best time for a snack is around 4pm (assuming dinner at 8pm). So actually I nearly conform to Dr Oz's timetable, allowing for a later dinner, if I treat my first meal as lunch not breakfast. This means I miss breakfast ("the most important meal of the day") completely. So much for expert advice! I simply find that if I eat too early, I'm eating when I'm not actually hungry & the process of eating activates my appetite so I end up eating much more during the day - lose lose as far as I can tell. Well, given my training schedule & my desire to eat less, I have to throw the good Dr Oz's advice to the wind & carry on doing it my way.

What do you think? Follow an 'expert's' advice to the letter, or adapt to the way your body works & work out a routine that not only works for you, but one you can live with long term? I think you know by now what I'm doing…

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