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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 085


Walking along Takapuna beach today, the weather was wild & the kite surfers were out. Good exercise!
Walking along Takapuna beach today, the weather was wild & the kite surfers were out. Good exercise!

It took a day longer than I'd hoped, but I cracked another kilo this morning! So, 12Kg down with only just over 2 weeks to go. My target of 20Kg was a bit ambitious & I said at the start I'd be more than happy with 15Kg off. But honestly, I'm happy now because I know that as I'm going to be continuing with my regime, I will lose whatever weight my body doesn't want to carry, in whatever time it takes.

It sounds odd, but in the last three weeks my weight on the scales has remained consistent at 85Kg, but my watch has been getting looser and looser. Now, I can actually turn it all the way around without much effort. My arms have never been particularly where my body stores fat, but obviously there was some. I think, and I have no real evidence for this, just a gut feel, that my body has been burning its reserves of fat from everywhere - internally, externally from the hard-to-see deposits around my body - everywhere except my belly. My gut has diminished but not much in the last few weeks. So I do feel tremendously confident that I will continue to lose fat and weight if I stick to not eating sugar and processed food. Co-incidentally, a good friend sent me a link to a video this morning - an American lady, Isabel from BeyondDiet talking about the basics of weight loss (and selling her book) - and one of the core messages she focused on was how to lose belly fat! As it happens, I am doing everything right (according to her) and she did talk simple sense, for a change!

Losing belly fat is a key priority for most people, but the one thing that most people either don't know, or can't accept, is that exercise will never shift it. You cannot lose your stomach by exercise alone. You have to eat right. You must exercise to keep your body functioning well, but if you want to carry less weight, you must resist the modern temptations. As my wife pointed out, our grandparents generation & before did not have snacks to reach for & if you were hungry between meals, too bad! Probably something we need to return to… Have you ever seen overweight athletes, perhaps someone who was kite surfing this afternoon & wondered how they could be so athletic & still carry so much weight? It's because the two aren't directly linked, until the excess weight forces the person to slow down & the problem becomes exacerbated (that was me!). I acknowledge that most people being hauled by the wind this afternoon were fit and trim, but this is because they care & look after their bodies, not only by exercising but also by eating sensibly!

New Zealand is a land of sports mad people, but until everyone properly understands that weight gain & health is more directly related to food than to exercise, we shall continue to be one of the most obese nations on the planet. Hey, Nigel Latta, perhaps an episode pointing this out directly? So stop eating processed crap, start cooking real food & teach your children to eat properly. Then they can kite surf into their seventies & beyond!

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