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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 087


 it's always better to stop eating once you have had just enough & leave food on your plate & a small empty space in your tummy.
it's always better to stop eating once you have had just enough & leave food on your plate & a small empty space in your tummy.

Just because it's on your plate, does not mean you have to finish it! This is a crucial lesson I am trying to learn, but boy, is it difficult! From my upbringing where I was instructed that I had to finish everything on my plate, to my natural greediness (which frankly is much more powerful than my early years), I have always stuffed myself if what was on my plate was to my liking. Not good!

Examine the issue of deprivation. This is actually how it was sold to me as a child. "Think of the poor starving people of Bangladesh / Biafra / Ethiopia (depending on the year)," said one or both of my parents as I pushed my greens away. (I always ate what I liked, just not what I didn't like - which was anything healthy.) I've never understood how stuffing my face was supposed to make me feel better about starving people? It actually just made me feel more guilty. Then there's the major issue of waste. Back then, it boiled down to the same thing. How could I waste food when half the world did not have enough to eat? Now, it is the more important issue of over consumption driving too many valuable food resources into too few hands & then going to waste. Change that habit & more of the world could easily be fed. So the answer is reduce demand, stop over consumption & eat only what you need to; easy!

Reducing over consumption of food starts by leaving food on your plate. Yes, I know, counter-intuitive. Most important things are when you are battling very long-held beliefs. If you do not over eat, no matter what you are served, no matter whether it is a treat or a staple, you do your body a service. Continue to do that & you will slowly adjust your portion sizes until you are loading your plate with only the amount you are comfortable eating. So, yes, there will be waste initially, but in the long-term… And while we are on 'waste initially', can I ask the question? Where does excess food do the most damage? In the waste disposal, or in your stomach? Put it like that, the answer is easy, isn't it! So, throw it away until you learn to control what goes on your plate without you feeling deprived.

Crumbs! A myth destroyed! Always eat what's on your plate. A simple phrase that does everyone huge damage. Almost as bad as that incredible money-making advertising line, "And then repeat." Doubled the market for shampoo overnight & is entirely man-made & superfluous…

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