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Jack, the African Grey parrot had his feathers ruffled yesterday in my studio. A beautiful creature, I kept my fingers to myself!
Jack, the African Grey parrot had his feathers ruffled yesterday in my studio. A beautiful creature, I kept my fingers to myself!

Meet Jack. Jack is an African Grey parrot, more accurately a Congo African Grey. His feathers are ruffled because he's been encouraged to flap his wings, which he simply does not want to do. He's very talkative, generally quite placid & well behaved, and obviously very, very beautifully put together.

Parrots are fussy eaters. We tried to feed him some apple, but because I'd kept it in the fridge, it was too cold for him. However, there are some things you simply never feed them because they are toxic. Avocado is top of the list, followed by chocolate, coffee, rhubarb and, surprise surprise , high-fat, fried, salty or high-sugar foods. Photographing this bird really made me think about how man has manipulated the food chain for profit, disguised as increasing yield to satisfy a burgeoning population. We are so greedy, that as long as the food manufacturers provide food we love, we will buy it. We don't eat for survival, like every other species, we eat for satisfaction & the joy of excess. We are so clever, we have moved so far away from the natural cycles, that we can no longer see our way back. We are consumed with maintaining our supply of the tasty goods that we have man-made, primarily from sugar & salt, so all our efforts go into that, not into balancing out a healthy food supply.

Yes, my feathers are ruffled! Make a list of everything you eat over the course of a week & divide the list into two columns. On the left, list all the foods that are organic, non-processed, with no added ingredients. On the right, list the remainder. It might shock you if you do it honestly. Read the ingredients list of everything. This is how I started my plan for a new way of eating, by really reading & absorbing the limited information on ingredients lists. What really ruffled my feathers were the 'brands' that called themselves something healthy sounding, like "Be Natural", which I didn't realise at first was a brand, like Coca Cola! People pick up this brand of protein nut bars, emblazoned with slogans like "Plant Power" and "Source of Fibre" and "8g Plant Protein" and "Nutritious Uplifting plant-based foods" etc & think they are buying healthy protein nut bars. Should they read the ingredients list, they would discover they are eating 20% sugar! Sorry, which nut or 'plant-based' product produces vast amounts of sugar? No, none…

Take a careful look at each purchase you make from the supermarket & if you are feeling really adventurous, add a column to your list & tick every item that is locally produced & sourced (so transport is not an extra burden on the environment)… Haha, fooled you. No need for that column, is there?

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