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Will New Zealand's dairy industry end up on the scrap heap? This is no longer a question, more a statement that requires action.
Will New Zealand's dairy industry end up on the scrap heap? This is no longer a question, more a statement that requires action.

A momentum is now building that is too strong & persistent to ignore. It is movement away from dairy. The evidence, the belief adoption, especially in the young, and the trends are now all too far advanced for the tide to be turned. It is simply a matter of how long will it take?

In the course of examining healthy eating from a very personal point of view, I have been gradually turned off dairy for many reasons. Primarily, the benefits of milk & dairy products have been shown to me to be advertising falsehoods, decades old. But the other reason is the same reason people have fought against caged hens. If you look at the reality of dairy cows, and I don't mean the sensationalist videos that are there to scare you (however true they might be for some of the industry), we are treating cows so badly simply for our own selfish desire. How would any female of any species like to be kept artificially lactating simply to feed another species. How can we justify stuffing antibiotics & a mass of hormones into our foodchain just to keep the cows 'healthy'? Forget caged hens, we now apparently have caged cows!

Now, I love milk. I was brought up on milk. The milk marketing board in the UK did such a fantastic job of persuading my parents of the health benefits of milk, how could they not ensure I had a plentiful supply. This belief, now disproven, will take a long time to filter through people of my generation, but the plentiful supply of milk may have gone long before that. The younger generation, even here in New Zealand & even amongst young farmers, are realising that dairy farming may not have many benefits & it sure does have a whole host of negatives. Watching a TV program the other day about how breeding from selected bulls could possibly reduce the nitrogen in bovine effluent by as much as 20% in 20 years, put me in mind of the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke! Ridiculous! We probably won't have a dairy industry to speak of in 20 years time. Can my generation not wake up and smell the coffee! The younger generation is about change & they don't much care if it's massive & immediate!

This topic is massive & requires much longer discussion, so I'll probably return to it in more detail in a fuller blog soon. But it is so important & so relevant to my current timeline that I had to touch on it. Bottom line? Just like solar energy, the New Zealand government needs to wake up & take the lead in driving change & handholding those massively affected along the way.

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