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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 091


to create a body like this requires not just dieting, but serious gymn work over a reasonable period of time.
to create a body like this requires not just dieting, but serious gymn work over a reasonable period of time.

The final countdown has started - just 10 days to go! A few of you have enquired about before and after photos? Well, I have been photographing myself every week since I started the 100 days, since weight is only one measure of success. Whether the world is prepared to witness my naked form in both pre-diet & post-diet forms, I am not so sure.

The reason for altering my diet is to eat more healthily so my body functions smoothly & properly, without too much maintenance, for longer. One of the ways that we measure success in this endeavour is to see how much body fat we are carrying, especially belly fat. It is of course entirely natural to carry some fat, just not too much. To get rid of practically all of it & develop visible musculature like this guy in the picture - wait, did you think that was me? Hahaha, nowhere near, I'm afraid - requires serious weight bearing exercise over a prolonged period, not just diet. I'm not aiming for an Adonis body, I just want to be healthy with very limited fat reserves, so I'm paying attention to the food I eat & simply doing the exercise I enjoy, not any that I feel I have to do. That is the key to complete success - find healthy food you actually like & do exercise you actually enjoy.

So I probably will show you my body, before and after, because it's actually quite fascinating how it has changed. But I need at least 10 days to prepare you for the shock of seeing a 'real everyday-type' body, not one designed for the camera! Luckily, everyone has noticed that I've dropped down in size (well, it would be pretty demoralising if no-one noticed!) so visibly I have achieved success. I am not going to get to the 20Kg loss I targeted, but I do believe my body is getting close to equilibrium, so I think I'm not far off my optimum weight now. After the 100 days, I'm not going to weigh myself regularly, I'm going to keep an eye on my size visually, my belt-size, my t-shirt tightness… Before I started I would describe myself as bloated. Now I think I am more normally shaped. Certainly I am more agile around the badminton court & as long as I can keep my knee joints in check…

Like or dislike of body shapes is a personal thing. I have always liked the idea of being in good shape, but perhaps because my body doesn't naturally reveal the edges of each major muscle group, I have never really aspired to being as fit & honed as this guy. I can definitely appreciate the aesthetic, but I have never felt the effort required was worth it for me. I'm happy being normal, you can judge for me in 10 days!

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