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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 092


Ballooning over the Waikato. An annual event that obviously harnesses the combined output of all dietary experts to get the balloons aloft!
Ballooning over the Waikato. An annual event that obviously harnesses the combined output of all dietary experts to get the balloons aloft!

When does the fuelling of your body start? We know that we sleep at nighttime to regenerate the cells, so is it after this that the cycle starts, breakfast time? Or should we continue the enforced fast that sleep provides us with & begin refuelling later in the day? The answer from most 'experts' is, predictably mixed, ranging from reasonably sensible to a load of hot air!

The debate continues about whether breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As you will be aware, if you've been following my blog, I don't eat breakfast, or rather I eat it at lunchtime. My reasoning has not been informed by countless studies or expert opinion, just by me following my gut which tells me I'm not hungry first thing in the morning. Just like all the questions being asked, quite rightly, about our well-established food chain & 'traditional' food sources, so I am discovering are more questions being asked about the traditional view of meal times. An article just published in the Independent (UK), debates the issue without falling on one side of the fence or another. Essentially, it appears to support breakfast as a meal, just not with the modern fare. Because most people are now shifting focus from low-fat to sugar-free, the sweet foods that often accompany breakfast are being villified.

Recently, biochemist Terence Kealey wrote in his book 'Breakfast is a dangerous meal' that he believes quitting breakfast helped him reverse his type 2 diabetes. Marcela Fuiza, a British Diabetic Association spokesperson and specialist dietitician, maintains that 'breakfast is as important as lunch and dinner'. I think the truth lies in the middle. It is not breakfast as a meal that is a problem, it is the food that you consume. I personally am happy fasting for 4 or 5 hours early in the day, but this is simply because I found that by eating earlier, I ate more overall throughout the day. It may be that after a few more months, when I am happy that my new food regime has matured, I may well be able to eat breakfast, because if I then eat more, it will only be of foods that sustain me, not foods that inflate me! I would never advocate my regime for others blindly, because I think you need to arrive at a decision about whether to eat certain meals at certain times by really listening to, and understanding, your own body & your own metabolism. This is precisely why people follow expensive & faddish diets, though, because they don't know how to, or don't want to take the responsibility of making the decisions themselves.

How you power up your body is simple. Eat a wide range of good, wholesome, organic, natural unprocessed foods. When you should power up your body is entirely down to you. I would suggest settling on a routine that your body can accept without either inflating or deflating noticeably. And ignore the 'hot air' that comes from most experts!

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