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One of the recognised best vegetables, it seems broccoli has recently gotten a whole lot better!
One of the recognised best vegetables, it seems broccoli has recently gotten a whole lot better!

"Eat your veg, you'll grow up fit and strong!" Kids will never listen, well perhaps not until they have kids of their own! There were a few vegetables I actually liked when I was a kid, but it was never the ones that were really good for you. Carrots, peas, potatoes… well, that about exhausts the list actually! Never broccoli!

It's not that this veg has suddenly gained a whole new lease of life or anything, it's just that new research is apparently shedding light on how it is actually good for you. (Which begs the question, were people just guessing before?) I honestly can't begin to try & simply explain what the research has found, because it uses acronyms of chemical compounds and phrases like "RNA and proteins noncoding RNA have emerged as key regulators of gene expression under both physiological and pathological conditions…" See what I mean? So, if you want to know more technical stuff, I refer you to the article, here. One of the compounds in broccoli known to have anti-cancer properties is sulforaphane, a naturally occurring organic sulphur. This compound fights cancer cells in colon, prostate, breast and lung cancer & has been shown to reduce the number of liver tumours in mice.

Apparently, three servings of broccoli per week may reduce your risk of prostate cancer by more than 60 per cent! Sulforaphane is not the only positive active compound in this friendly green vegetable. Glucoraphanin, phenolic compounds, Diindolylmethane… the list goes on. Frankly, I listen as little to these positive 'scientific' findings as I do to the quacks peddling the latest diets. However, my point in raising the topic is to mention that nobody ever said a bad thing about broccoli (apart from its taste, according to my kids!). There is so much debate over foodstuffs today that it is hard to decide what is really good & what is only going to be 'good' for a decade or so, until it is deemed, 'not good'. So, it is surely a no-brainer to eat something that everyone has always said is good for you & there only seems to be more discoveries about how good it really is! All you need to try & avoid is broccoli that is grown where pesticides are used & also try to eat it fresh, not from frozen.

So, get creative with broccoli & keep healthy! Try putting some in a smoothie if you don't like the taste, or blender it, then fry it in coconut or extra virgin olive oil… I just wouldn't recommend eating it raw!

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