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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 094


Beach Volleyball - just one of the 28 sports at the World Masters in Auckland - opening ceremony is on Friday 21st April
Beach Volleyball - just one of the 28 sports at the World Masters in Auckland - opening ceremony is on Friday 21st April

Ever seen an overweight beach volleyball competitor? I haven't, and it's probably because it is a gruelling sport. Mairangi Bay is playing host to the beach volleyball competitions at the World Masters Games, starting on 22 April. All sport's schedules have now been published & you can find all the detail starting here: Find your Sport.

So, we are just a couple of weeks away from the event I have been training for. And just a week away from the end of my 100 day self-imposed deadline. I am nowhere near my original 20Kg weight loss target, but I'm actually comfortable with my (currently) 12Kg drop as I know it will probably go a bit further over time. My sport is badminton, but there are 28 sports in the World Masters Games here in Auckland. All registrations have now closed & some of the statistics are staggering. This is the 9th World Masters Games (and hopefully I will be talking to a pair of medal-winning badminton players next week, who have competed in every games so far) and it is the world's largest multi-sport event, eclipsing the Olympics! There are nearly 25,000 athletes taking part, with more than 16,000 participants arriving from over 100 different countries.

The sports are: archery, athletics, badminton, baseball, basketball, canoe, cycling, football, golf, hockey, lawn bowls, netball, orienteering, rowing, rugby, sailing, shooting, softball, squash, surf life saving, swimming, table tennis, tennis, touch, triathlon, volleyball, water polo, and weightlifting. I will be trying to get around as many of the different sports as possible to bring you photos & interviews with participants - that alone should keep me fit! Browsing through the World Masters Games website, I came across the anti-doping page. It appears that as an 'athlete' I could be drug tested at any time! Luckily I don't actually take any drugs at all, so unless the kale or quinoa I am currently eating a lot of contains banned substances, I should be ok. Or, of course, unless the corn I'm eating doesn't come from this region but is shipped in from the States, where Monsanto's GM corn is taking some flack, and it contains suspicious ingredients…

I heartily recommend getting involved in the games as a spectator. With so many Kiwis entering, you are bound to know someone, so pick your sports & book some dates.

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