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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 095


Amalia was afraid of needles, so determined that the best way of overcoming her fear was to face it, literally!
Amalia was afraid of needles, so determined that the best way of overcoming her fear was to face it, literally!

Determination. Stamina. Mental focus. Losing weight is about nothing else. So is competitive sport. In both arenas you can do all the preparation, all the research, all the training, but if you can't control your brain, you'll lose.

There is a phrase when playing sport - "in the zone" which refers to a state of total concentration; where no outside distraction can breach the defences, where things happen if not quite in slow motion, certainly at a perceived pace that allows for more time than you'd rightly expect. The 'zone' is an artificial environment that you create yourself & you inhabit on your own. Every move is carefully calculated, albeit in a split second, and all the training & preparation simply allow your body to work like a well oiled machine, sometimes at levels never before achieved. This is done in the brain. The trick is calling it up on demand & maintaining it because it requires a surprising amount of physical energy. No player, in any sport, plays at their best until they can get in the zone.

Maintaining a lifestyle diet, swearing off all that is unhealthy but oh so tasty, also requires sustained mental focus. Obviously not to the same intensity, but certainly for a much longer period. The point is that all these battles, sport, addiction, lifestyle changes are won & lost in the head I'm not a great believer in physical addiction (except for possibly hard drugs) but I'm a great believer in mental addiction. The reason you reach for that cake, that pudding is not because your body is demanding it, it's because your brain persuades you that you need it, or that you can get away with it. Train the brain & you've got anything beat!

So look that challenge directly in the face, ignore the distractions, bear a little discomfort & keep focused on the long-terms goals. Never forget why you started in the first place.

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