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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 096


the West coast beaches on the North Island are magical. Mainly black sand, their power isn't in the beach itself, but in the environment. The vast isolation (on a school weekday, anyway) is refreshing.

I wrote yesterday about mental focus. Easy to say, much more difficult to achieve. I'm lucky; I do a job I love & there is probably nothing on earth I'd rather be doing than taking pictures. But even I need to find some space & recharge the batteries occasionally…

The brain is an immensely powerful tool, but it can be difficult to clear your mind & focus your thoughts on one thing alone, so you can think it all through, from every angle and know at the end that you have decided on the right course. Everyday life crowds in & we think about issues spasmodically. I know women can multi-task better than men, but even they need the breathing space to clarify their position on important issues! Every time I go to the west coast, I relax. I feel relaxed enough to spend time really thinking things through. It probably helps that cellphone coverage is spasmodic at best, non-existent if you aren't with Spark, but there is quite simply something calming about arriving at the coast. I took this picture last week, when the weather was threatening, which I think kept everyone away; so we saw about 4 people all day! It's trips like this that keep me focused on the important things.

The sea air allows you to breath more easily, and there is no shortage of walks. Here at Karekare you can take a short walk to the bottom of a magical waterfall, or a longer walk to the top; you can walk through woods and grassed dunes down to the massive beach; or you can take a cliff edge walk up and and all the way to Piha. So exercise and fresh air in abundance, combined with tranquillity… there is nowhere quite like it to clear your head. It is no accident that I find it easier to keep focused on my new lifestyle diet and my sporting and other goals when I'm there. I'm no longer a runner (used to enjoy cross country in my younger days) but if I was, I'd also come here. I think it goes without saying I recommend the west coast beaches as a fabulous detox space. If I get to a point of starting to be tempted by sweet things, I shall plan a refresh trip. The trick is not to have anything to rush back to, otherwise you spend a lot of the time there with your eyeballs on your watchface - sort of defeats the object.

Take time out for yourself. Enjoy your own company and the feeling of your own thoughts without interruption. Get away from the crowded space that is other people's opinions and demands & learn what it is that really drives and motivates you. Then come back & make it happen.

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