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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 097


these two gorgeous ladies love each other, but they could be competing against each other - this scenario happens all the time in practically every sport. Can you go face to face with your opponent & hold your nerve?

World Masters Games 2017. Most of the sports will boil down to two opponents waiting to see who will blink first. It's about fitness (so weight control as well), it's about stamina, it's about skill and preparation, but at the end of the day it will boil down to who blinks first.

My son & I were talking on the way to badminton today about why people lose & he was saying that Lin Dan (for so many years at the top of world badminton) still wins against opponents who could beat him, simply because they are in awe of his reputation and lose their nerve when they face him. The reverse side of that I heard about today was Laura Seigemund, who I photographed last year, beat Venus Williams yesterday in the second round of the Volvo Car Open (and has now progressed to the quarter final). She faced down Venus, who is an extraordinarily powerful player with an even bigger aura. Laura has lost to Venus before, but now she has controlled her mental game, she is only going up!

You don't have to play sport to experience the 'face off'. Practically every day, at work and at play, people come up against other people - if not physically, then certainly mentally. We all reach out to people we trust to advise us on everything from what we wear to career decisions. But what about those people that offer unsolicited & often unwelcome opinions? How we deal with those is determined by our mental strength. How we react to people who cut us up on the road (and as a motorbike rider, I experience it a great deal) tells us about our mental state. The ideal is, of course, calm, rational, focused, to the point & with energy if required. The normal is quite often tears, screams, rage & physical abandon! So often you will hear people say, "well, they provoked me!" but the reality is if it was in the sporting arena, you've lost. Unfortunately, that's often true everywhere in life, but the outcome isn't usually so quickly obvious.

What's that wonderful phrase? Oh yes…"keep your shit together". The other, possibly more genteel, one is, "Keep Calm & Carry On". Whichever you subscribe to, the trick is to be totally in control & only lose it when you choose to lose it.

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