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Weight Lifting - One Hundred Days - 098


Auckland, as viewed from North Head above Devonport. What a fabulous place to live & host the World Masters Games - the largest sporting event in the World!

Tomorrow I will take the final picture of myself on my 100 day journey & publish a before and after, so today I thought I would give you a beautiful image! When we arrived in Auckland 12 years ago from London, we thought it was Paradise Lost. Now that everyone is discovering what a great place it is to visit, it is most certainly Paradise Regained!

When the tens of thousands of visitors descend on Auckland in a couple of weeks time for the World Masters Games, between their events they will have a playground to explore. I'm certain many of them will have booked extra time to allow them to venture into New Zealand's beautiful scenery, but while they are in our largest city, they will not be short of something to do… Auckland's Tourism Department (ATEED) has put up a page especially for those coming to this event & it is well worth a visit, here! Since losing weight, I have discovered a new desire for physical exertion, a new sense of wonderment at how good I feel after some energetic activity. Now, I'm not into bungy jumping or anything quite so madhat, but I am partial to the odd hiking trail, as long as there are photo opportunities along the way, and when aren't there?

Now, I live in Auckland & I thought I'd explored and done a lot, but if you watch the video on the Visit Auckland site, I think you'll be surprised at how much you really can do, or perhaps it just seems more than you'd believe because it's all packed into one showreel. One of the reasons we have settled in Auckland is the climate. Yes, you can get better & we have had some of the worst of it in the past few weeks, but overall, on balance, it's pretty bloody good. Things like SAD aside, it is simply easier & more enjoyable sticking to dietary & exercise regimes when the sun is shining & the air is warm. Not sure why, it just seems that way to me. Getting out & about can be dangerous however, as great cafes are only just around the corner, no matter where you are. We were at a Paleo Café today & the organic food was divine. They don't serve soy milk, presumably because they don't believe its health properties, so coconut or almond instead. Honestly, I'm not sure about them for coffee, so I opted for a berry smoothie in which coconut milk works!

So, plan a day out. Watch the video & choose something you've never done or haven't done for a long time & get out in the fresh air. If you are hosting (like us) any World Masters Games participants, or know of any visiting, then be the great Auckland host & make sure they get the opportunity to sample its beauty and charm while they are here. Make them wish they lived here!

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