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Weight Lifting - One HundredDays - 032


Fox Glacier - losing weight can seem as slow as the ice moving!
Fox Glacier - losing weight can seem as slow as the ice moving!

Losing weight is like watching a glacier move! It is so slow, no wonder people give up… At this rate, the Fox glacier will have melted before I reach my target weight. Unfortunately, it is melting, thanks to global warming, thanks to cows, thanks to - no we've covered that one!

Fed by four alpine glaciers, Fox Glacier falls 2,600 metres over 13Km from the Southern Alps to the coast, ending its journey among lush rain forest only 300m above sea level. It is one of the most accessible glaciers in the world, an easy walk from the local town. Walking is one activity that should be everyone's staple. Easy, free & entirely adjustable according to your health & condition. I've been walking more recently, despite nursing an aching knee & I've found that as long as my knee is strapped up, exercise seems to do it good. All the doctors & physios tell you to keep everything moving. It's rare that they advise complete rest for long, because if you do things seize up & it can be a long painful journey back to fitness. Some people never make it back. Now, if you want a change of scenery for your walk, you don't necessarily have to go to the Fox Glacier, there are any number of places within very easy reach of wherever you are in New Zealand.

We have stunning beaches where we are & although most people take them for granted, they shouldn't. I've lived in many places around the world & nowhere has it been so easy to get to a fabulous beach, or forest walk - just minutes away. Mountains, ski resorts or tramps depending on the season, wild water & yes, glaciers, all within a relatively short distance. This is why New Zealand is my home for life. You can go outdoors & forget the mayhem that Tramp, sorry Trump, is causing currently; forget the debacle commonly known as Brexit; forget even the newly announced upcoming election later this year, and enjoy the good clean air & beautiful landscapes. How much do people pay to come & enjoy what is on our doorstep? Well, quite a lot actually as New Zealand is also now one of the most expensive places to visit. But we live here & so many great amenities are free to us. In my journey to shed weight, I simply have to look outside & I'm inspired to do some more exercise to keep me moving at my (currently) glacial pace!

I know I'm from England, but does anyone know if Fox Glacier Mints were anything to do with New Zealand?

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