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Weight Training - One Hundred Days - 081


A street performer in Melbourne's CBD. To do this you need a great deal of skill, but also masses of confidence in yourself (and the moustache helps!). He has both & I certainly have the confidence in what I'm doing (if not quite as impressive upper lip hair)!

Now that I'm in my last 3 weeks, I have to concentrate on my fitness. This whole 100 day exercise was both to change my diet for life & regain a healthy weight, and to get fit for my participation in the World Masters Games 2017. A few were, and probably still are, a bit sceptical, just like this performance artist I shot in Melbourne last week, but I set out to do it & I will… dodgy knees notwithstanding!

I am now playing badminton up to 5 times a week, and that may be a bit too much! My knees really are starting to complain & although I had hoped that losing weight would relieve some of their burden, it seems that it is just not enough. So, I have to strap them up each time I play & hope that they last! God, what it is to grow older! My sons (just like me at their age) have absolutely no conception of what it's like not to be able to rely upon your body to do simply what you ask it to do. My diet is under control, I'm lighter & fitter, but now I'm starting to be undone by my joints! Well, badminton at World Masters Games is in just over 3 weeks, so I have to both continue to train & survive the final journey.

My exercise bicycle in the studio (real bike on a stand) is proving to be a bit of a flop. This is partly because I've always hated cycling just for the sake of cycling, but mostly because my knees actually hurt more doing that than they do playing badminton. The unkind would say that it's because I don't move my feet enough in badminton, but either way it hasn't worked as hoped. The pull up bars are more of a success as I can't do too many of those anyway so the duration is short & together with planking my exercise routine is short & to the point. For those that think this isn't enough, believe me when I tell you that I do it until I can really do no more. This, plus walking practically every day & badminton is it for me. Like my diet, I have pared it down to what I can do & what I can stand. In the past, just like diets, I have given up exercise routines because I get bored or disinterested, so this time, just like my diet, I have created my own. I recommend it heartily. Ignore those paid-for routines & do what you enjoy - a mantra for life!

We're hosting a couple of Canadian swimmers for the duration of the games & if you haven't realised it already, accommodation in Auckland from 21st - 30th April will be in desperately short supply. I will hopefully be doing some photo essays & interviews with other participants on my blog, so subscribe & keep in touch!

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