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Thank you to all the wonderful people I have worked with over the years.

You have kept me completely insane, for which I am forever grateful.

If you are not on this page, but should be, just let me know (form below).

I am always looking for new models & collaborators. Just contact me if you're interested.


Amy Oakes

35 year-old breast cancer survivor, artist, fashion designer, model. (RiK's note: a truly amazing lady who is not only fabulous to work with but is a privilege to know.)

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jazz musician, vocalist


33 years jazz vocalist, amputee, lover of vintage

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personal trainer, father

Benjamin Titford

Lover of the natural world and holistic healing through physical investment and exploration.

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flight attendant

Selam Melaku

27 year-old flight attendant (RiK's note: this lady is stunning & an entirely natural photogenic model)

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musician, artist

Cassandra King

25 year-old bass player and music tutor

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Collaborator Submission
collaborator's submission form

Thanks for sending me your information. I'll review & add it to my site as soon as possible.

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