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Images that I feel fall naturally into collections, I maintain here. I regularly publish images on social media & these collections are updated as soon as new images are published, so come back for more. Against each collection is an indication of how complete it is, as some many only contain a couple of images which is where I start an ongoing collection. Do subscribe to my newsletter as I'll then be able to let you know when there is any significant new work.

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The reason portraits is the category that opens on my home page is because I primarily regard myself as a portrait photographer. I look for the unusual, the intricate, the intimate & try & create a portrait that not only will the subject enjoy, but others also. Allowing strangers to view an image & experience the sensations, the emotions that exude from a portrait is the most satisfying thing for any portrait artist. These images will be updated periodically.

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Weddings are one of the highlights of your life, so you need a photographer that you can rely on to catch all those precious moments, but not be too intrusive. Most importantly you need someone you feel really comfortable with. Planning is key, so come and discuss the sort of memories you would like to create. You can trust me to speak my mind & ensure your vision is firstly, possible, and secondly, delivered with style and grace.

Upcoming collections

I will be adding new collections very soon. Next to be published will be TCL2018 (images from my recent motorbike jaunt into Thailand, Cambodia & Laos) and Art Nude.

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I have & continue to work with some wonderful, crazy, creative people who rarely get the recognition they deserve. If you are interested to know who these exceptional individuals are, they browse through them here.

If you are one of those exceptional individuals & you don't feature, they please let me know who you are & what you would like me to publicise about you! You'll find the form here at the bottom of the collaborators page.