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Images that I feel fall naturally into collections, I maintain here. I regularly publish images on social media & these collections are updated as soon as new images are published, so come back for more. Against each collection is an indication of how complete it is, as some many only contain a couple of images which is where I start an ongoing collection. Do subscribe to my news as I'll then be able to let you know when there is any significant new work.

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The reason portraits is the category that opens on my home page is because I primarily regard myself as a portrait photographer. I look for the unusual, the intricate, the intimate & try & create a portrait that not only will the subject enjoy, but others also. Allowing strangers to view an image & experience the sensations, the emotions that exude from a portrait is the most satisfying thing for any portrait artist.

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I don't regard myself as a landscape photographer, but I do generally carry a camera of some sort with me, even when not on a shoot. Occasionally by design, and more often by accident, I come across a view that grabs my attention. Sometimes the image can be just a small element of the environment I'm in, and could just as easily be urban as rural. I've used the term environment just to cover any image that I discover outside my studio... a coverall! 

art nude
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A large number of the portraits I do are clothing-optional, so what is the difference between my portraits and art nudes? Intent, primarily. Portraits are first and foremost about the person, the individual. They are images that capture the essence of the sitter, or at least one aspect. Art nude images are impersonal. That does not mean they do not arouse emotions, they must. But the feelings are to do with the viewer, not the subject.

bare faced
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I regularly photograph & create art with some wonderful human beings, happy to bare their souls & sometimes their bodies for me. I object strongly to having to deface any of these images simply to 'comply' with almost arbitrary censorship from a commercial organisation. Those that know me will understand I feel passionately about freedom of expression & morals based on simple humanity. I have written a blog on this topic, that you can start reading here...

body adorned

I have collaborated with many fabulous artists & models to fashion some thought-provoking & sometimes illuminating pieces where the body is adorned... Usually the image has less to do with me & more to do with the talent & vision of the artists I work with. Some are 'simple' makeup artists stretching their talents, others are superbly accomplished artists & a few are extraordinary crafts people, fashioning clothing, objects & stunning creations out of nothing.


Playing with light, experimenting with projection and using human bodies as canvases produced an eclectic collection of images, some haunting, some recognisable & some almost completely abstract. The subject of an exhibition I had in 2011, people were strangely drawn... Using many of the images from the 'body adorned' collection, I re-imagined them 'wrapt' around human forms. The exhibition was held in Devonport in conjunction with Sally Blyth, a superbly talented artist.