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I have had the pleasure of working with RiK twice now when needing images for my website.  There is a balance between being great at your craft and managing relationships with a client or in RiK’s industry, a subject. RiK has both well balanced.  Making people comfortable in an uncomfortable arena is not easy.  Both times when working with RiK it was a lot of fun! 

The other aspect I was most impressed with was the level of understanding RiK takes on board prior to commencing work.  He was thorough in asking me what it was I wanted, what was my vision for the project. And we collaborated on our ideas.  In both instances, the end product was exactly how I envisioned it to be.

Rachael Quin

The Housekeeper

We worked together in interviewing the 101 year old Athlete from India, Ms Man Kaur at the World Masters Auckland. 

Even though the interview was conducted in Punjabi language which RiK didn't understand, he was able to pick up the nuances of it. It was then well edited and the whole thing came out as an inspiring story which was great for the audience. 

This proved that Rik really tries to understand the actual needs of the customer before committing to a project and then adds his flair and style once the basics have been covered. 

It was an utterly amazing experience working with RiK and I wouldn't blink an eye before grabbing that opportunity again in the future. 

If you are looking for someone who doesn't 'guess' but endeavours to understand your actual 'needs' and the desired outcome of your project, then RiKtastic RiK is the man to get in touch with!

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Since 2015 we’ve been using RiK as our official event photographer for both conferences and formal awards evenings. All of the important moments are noticed and captured by RiK, with excellent results that are both creative and suitable for PR use by our delegates. RiK is always our first choice of photographer.

RANZ quote

I have commissioned RiK both personally and professionally on many occasions over the past 10 years and would recommend him over and over. 

 The quality and creativity of RiK’s photography is outstanding and the brief is always delivered with great customer service.

Susan Quinn

Auckland Council

Susan Quinn Quote

The first time I was in the Rikmedia studio I was blown away.

I had so often 'frozen' in front of cameras previously, that I had come to believe I was just not great at being photographed. How wrong I was...

Rik's warmth, professionalism and fun, cheeky personality put me at ease instantly and I felt surprisingly relaxed right away.

We actually spent so much time laughing and chatting that I barely noticed the photos being taken. 

Time flew and when I saw what he had captured I was literally speechless. Photos from that session are still my all-time faves.

Rik has an incredible eye and always gets the magic shots you hope to get in a session.

He is a master at using light skilfully to make your photos pop.

My guess is that you'll have such a good time at RiKmedia that you won't want to leave.

Chante Chante


My company JustGoThereNZ contracted RIKmedia to write all the original website copy and translate it into German. I'm very grateful to RiK for an excellent job. The volume of work was huge but he did everything on time and at the highest quality. RiK also gave me some priceless brand construction advice. He is always ready to help and I know that we can always rely on RIKmedia.

Valeria Kuznetsova

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What really amazes me is how:

  1. Rik can make even the most uncomfortable person relax and then get pictures I wouldn’t have thought possible, even babies and young children!

  2. Were I to use his professional camera, and he my iPhone, he would still get a better result.

  3. He seems to be ‘at home’ with his camera anywhere, be it at big Awards Events, on the beach or hanging off the back of a Coastguard boat at speed.

If anyone can – Rik can!

Simon Shears


Simon Shears Quote

Rik is one of my all time favourite photographers. His final product is always perfect, I am always super comfortable with him, and we always have very fun shoots.

Carmin-Monique Roper

Working with Rik was an absolute pleasure. It was my first time shooting nude and he made me feel completely comfortable. He is kind in his approach and skilfully brought out the side of me that I wanted to convey in my pictures. It is clear that he has a wealth of experience to call upon. As an online personal trainer having quality pictures of my own physique to showcase is of paramount importance to my business.   I went on to do a second shoot with RiK, and would recommend him to anyone wanting quality photography work done for professional or personal use.

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Richie Kerr-Phillips Quote

I have known RiK for many years and am consistently super-impressed by the sheer quality of the work that he produces. He captured both the essence of our children and the professionalism of our corporate offering. He produces work to an extremely high technical standard and is really friendly and easy-going in his approach.

Terence Fleming


Terence Fleming
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Rik has an ability to make his subject feel relaxed, and so getting just the candid shots we need for our business.

Rik is our 'go to' man whenever we need new photos to brighten our profile!!

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